What is YouFem?

Why is it that only girls stand on the sides of their feet? As if they're afraid to plant themselves?  - Barbara Kingsolver

YouFem is a group of young people fighting for equality and promoting women's rights. From organised debates to empassioned bar-stool arguments, from flashmobs to film festivals, from bake-offs to quiz nights... we'll do it if it's in aid of women's rights.

We're based in North London, but are constantly engaged with other feminist activists and organisations across the globe. If you want to get involved, tweet us

If you want to write for the blog, tweet a quick pitch. If you want to find out about our partners, or an event, tweet away. If you want to give us money...don't tweet. Hit the paypal button. Seriously. We're completely legit, and completely broke.

Talking of which: at the moment funding is proving elusive, but we've got big plans which will hopefully come to fruition any day now. A proper website will make an appearance soon, too. We promise. Bear with us.

While you're here...

Some interesting facts and figures*:
- There are only 5 women in the cabinet, compared to 17 men. Which calls to mind that quote: "Women belong in the house... And the senate."
- There is only 1 woman in the British Supreme Court. Tell us again that things are equal
- The number of female MPs increased by just 2.4% at the 2010 election, and by just 4% since 1997
- Gender pay-gap 
in the private sector: 18.4%
in the public sector: 9.2%
We earn less than men, for doing the same job. What woman, regardless of whether she identifies as a feminist or not, feels her male colleagues deserve a fatter pay package? Purely by dint of being male?
- Of the percentage of the population earning below minimum wage, 2/3rds are women
- Only 11% of FTSE 100 company directors are women
- Every year around 30,000 women lose their jobs as a result of becoming pregnant
- Women's average pensions in the UK are only 62% of men's
For stats on Women In The Media, read Kira Cochrane in the Guardian

And that's in our apparently democratic nation, our pluralist and diverse society. Feminism, equal opportunities, women's rights advocacy...whatever you want to call it, it's necessary.
Join the debate.  

An Anatomy of Economic Inequality in the UK - National Equality Panel
Working Out Poverty - IPPR 
Counting Women In - Fawcett Society
Equality and Diversity - Office for National Statistics

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