Friday, 24 February 2012

Shout Out

Quick round-up of recent op ed and blog articles that we think are really worth reading, relating to women's or young people's issues:

Fashions Real Victims - Tanya Gold, Guardian - Grim report on child models and exploitation of models by the fashion industry. "These women are body parts, placed in competition with other body parts"

The Long History of the War on Contraception - Ellen Chesler, Ms Magazine - Detailed summary piece on conservative opposition to contraception in the US

'Unilad', banter, and sexism in universities, on BBC R4 Women's Hour - Discussion, featuring Kate Smuthwaite, writer of Cruella-blog and F Word contributor

Feminist and Feminine - Katie Washington for We Are Equals - Great piece on reconciling femininity and feminism. "We do not need to give up on being a woman to achieve equal rights"

Have Roles for Black Women Evolved in the Past 73 Years? - Janell Hobson, Ms Magazine - As the Oscars loom, Ms Magazine's Black Herstory Month series takes a look at black women and Hollywood

What? You Don't Wet Wipe? - Ciara O'Connor, The F Word Blog - Guestblogger Ciara O'Connor on the pervasive idea that "girls are icky"... We're talking "Vagina fear"

Who Is The Enemy? - Emma Ward, Progressive Women Blog - On women in politics, and feminism as a Labour supporter. "One of the biggest mistakes that we can make in feminism is to make assumptions about what other women think and want"

Iran's Female Ninjas - Lucy Mangan, Guardian - Very serious and urgent feminist news reading... "For those times when Betty Friedan just isn't enough ... ninjutsu is here to help"

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