Thursday, 10 November 2011

Women on Feminism: Deborah Orr

To kick off our Women On Feminism series, here's a quote from Deborah Orr, one of the England's leading commentators, who wrote for the Independent in its heyday and is now a Guardian columnist.

For the series, we asked prominent women across Britain who have been involved in women's rights for a very brief quote, exclusively for YouFem, summarising what they think about feminism. We'll be publishing them, one or two per week, for the next few months. The idea is to draw attention to the negative connotations of the word "feminism", to underline how important and, crucially, non-exclusive feminism is nowadays.

 Deborah Orr:

"In every culture around the world, since time began, the poorest have always been women and their children. We stand up for them all because it is right, and count ourselves lucky that we can."

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