Sunday, 13 November 2011

FEM 11 - Photos

Saturday 12th November was FEM11, a feminist conference hosted by UKFeminista. The great and the good of women's rights activists were present, and the venue was heaving with stalls representing pressure groups, charities, and political parties. Workshops ran all day, from Endagered Bodies' session on body image, to Centre for Women & Democracy's on working across party lines to further women's rights. 

It was an exciting and inspirational event, but primarily it was just wonderful to be surrounded by passionate, motivated women, all bouncing off each other, throwing around ideas. Today's online culture can be very alienating, particularly for women's rights activists who endure endless misogynistic abuse; going to mass meetings of women activists illustrates comfortingly how feminism is a uniting principle, and one on which women (and, frankly, men) of all shapes, sizes, ages, and political beliefs, can find common ground.
-- Harriet S H

Here's some of our pictures from the day, taken by the fabulous Rose N.

Alexandra Runswick (Unlock Democracy) and Nan Sloane (Centre for Women & Democracy)

Waiting for "Party Games: can women work across party lines to create a new politics?" session

"Feminist Question Time" - Bea Campbell, Carlene Firmin, Zoe Williams, Matt McCormack Evans, Shami Chakrabarti

Ket and Harriet with Alexandra and Nan

Mayoral debate: Ken Livingstone, Natalie Bennett, Samira Ahmed, Brian Paddick. Boris Johnson didn't feel that he needed to turn up.

Zoe Williams, feminist and columnist for the Guardian.

Apparently over 1000 people in the hall during Feminist QT

Ket, Harriet, Rose N.

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