Friday, 21 October 2011

YouFem goes Global

Can't believe we missed this, but The F-Bomb - the fabulous international youth feminist organisation based in the US - has published the first of our collaborative columns! Check it out here:

Every month from here on in, YouFem Chairperson Harriet Smith Hughes will be writing a piece on current women's issues in the UK. Alternatively, the team will collectively prepare a video/interview for the F-Bomb website, based around a problem facing women, and presenting ideas on how to tackle it. This month, we've got a great series of interviews conducted in North London in which we ask people on the street about their views on feminism. There's some hilarious responses, intermingled with the many wise and witty words (including a memorable encounter with a down-and-outs' poetry society who surprised us with some free-style poetry on feminism...)  

Keep a look out - the video will be posted on our blog as well as on the F-Bomb website.

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