Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Sexist Ad of the Week!

I was watching an excellent blog post highlighting media portrayal of race in American film trailers, and I reckon it'll work just as well with UK adverts, highlighting the difference between the man's role and the woman's role. Basically, we're going to take a recent UK advert off youtube every week - not chosen because it's sexist or anything, just selected as an example of typical UK ads at the moment - and matter-of-factly state what the men do, and what the women do. Simple. You can read the results for yourselves, and form your own judgments...

Mentos 3 Gum
Things MEN get to do: chat up hot women, ride around in sleek cars, own sleek cars, chew gum, impress girls with their cars, get off with hot women in hot tubs
Things WOMEN get to do: get chatted up by men, admire cars, be attracted to a guy with three cars, get compared to cars and chewing gum (3 are better than one, after all), get off with a guy with three cars


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