Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Quick Fix: Reading List

Brief post just to catch you all up on recent articles and blogposts related to women's isseus that you may not have seen, or merely haven't bothered to actively search for. There's been so much good stuff around talking about women's issues, feminism, and the Coalition's approach to women, that we couldn't resist compiling a list. Enjoy.

Guardian: "Is it any wonder women's support for David Cameron is dwindling?" by Jane Martinson - really good summary article

Progressive Women blog: "The Conservatives have a fight on their hands if they want to win the trust of women voters" 

The Telegraph: "Labour's reshuffle gives David Cameron even more of a woman problem" by John McTernan

Evening Standard: "Why are there so few female faces in the Cabinet?" by Jenni Russell

The F-Word - "Young women: unemployed and on the shelf" by Joanne Fradley

Guardian news piece on the 2 Liberian, 1 Yemeni women who were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize on Friday; Telegraph video of President Obama commenting on the news

The F-Bomb - "The Inequality of Breasts" - intriguing piece arguing that baring your breasts in public is comparable to a man baring his chest

The F-Word - "What is a Family Friendly Government?" by Milena Popova

UK Feminista: Guest post on Block the Bill action to protest against the Health and Social Care Bill as it enters the Lords this week

And some of our favourite eye-roll-ers:

The Telegraph: "Silvio Berlusconi's women - the Top 10" ...um...

Daily Mail: "Two thirds of mothers reveal they feel insulted by 'housewife' label" by Sadie Whitelocks - the Mail reveals the astonishing revelation that women don't aspire to be housewives, despite evidence of the glorious life it can be, provided by TV shows like The Real Housewives Of New Jersey

Daily Mail: "Nancy Shevell is unrecognisable in her highschool yearbook photo from 1977" - an article prooving once and for all that a nose job, some fillers and £20k worth of dentistry work will turn an ugly duckling into a swan...and what's the moral of the surgery - I mean, story? "Some of us do improve with age."

Last but not least...

Daily Mail: "Women don't mind fat men as long as they're rich (not that we needed a study to tell us that)" by John Stevens - you read those parenthesis correctly, I'm afraid.


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