Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Day of the Girl

Tomorrow is the pinnacle of the Day of the Girl campaign in the US of A. Exciting, no? If you're UK based, and not intensely involved in the feminist community, then you're probably not aware of it; let's correct that sad circumstance.
The Day of the Girl campaign aims to educate girls globally on their rights, inspiring them to strive for gender equality, and empowering them to bring about change. If you need any kind of justification for the extent of such a movement, check out their 12 Reasons: There's a petition, too, that's asking the President to proclaim the 22nd Sept the Day of the Girl.

The desire to inspire young women, to promote gender equality, to educate and empower, is so central to the YouFem ideology that I feel we can't possibly let this go over our heads. Have a look at the site to see what you can do on your own, but also turn up to the YouFem meeting on the 30th Sept (message me for details!) where we'll be planning how to get in on the #sheparty #dayofthegirl action! Follow the #sheparty hashtag to keep up with the twitter-sphere goings-on.

We'll be blogging about this campaign a lot more in recent days/weeks, but this is just a preliminary post to get people up to speed, and to declare our intention.

It's embarrassing how excited I am by this.

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  1. I really don't mean to be glib, but naming any day "The Day of the Girl" is just crying out for every pisspoor workplace comedian / lazy feminist commentator to remark on how "every other day is the day of the MAN" -- are we not all tired of such observations? I certainly am!